Robo: How useful are they?

Robo: – Hey!! so let we start with an interesting topic as we all know that all the big companies
prefer to have a robot in their company. So as too low the cost of employees as the Robo can do
multiple tasks. As compared to the workers and can save a lot of time and money of the

As the company has to invest for one time and just have to maintain it as the cost of its
maintenance is lower than the cost of the salary of 3-4 employees. Now, the technology is getting
upgraded every day. As this invention is very beneficial for the big companies like COCA COLA
or many other companies. They are running their business at a very large scale.

Robo: Beyond Companies

Not only companies but also police do have the robots in their departments. There are many types
of robots and do different tasks every robot may perform different tasks. So, let me tell you
something interesting about the robots that all the people want to know about this invention. That
may ease the work of a man in the both physical and mental way so that the work may be
completed with an ease.

The man who invented the first Digital and Programmable robot were George Devol in 1945 and
after inventing the first Robo he sold it to the General Motors. As in General Motors, it was used
to lift the pieces of the hot metal. The company purchased this robot because this work is
dangerous for the humans.

As they can be injured by performing this activity and the company wants something new ideas.
So that it may reduce the cost of production as well as save the time.

Today, most of the robots are being used to perform repetitive tasks or jobs that are dangerous for
human. The company of different fields realized that some tasks are not safe for the humans. That
is why the companies of different fields choose the option i.e. Robots.

Robo is performing tasks in car manufacturing, candy bars, electronic factories and are performing tasks in many other fields.

Robo: Latest news

Now, if I tell you something about the latest news of the technological world you would find it
interesting. First, the NASA has invented a robotic hand that will help the astronauts to become
super strong. Researchers from NASA are working with engineers from Gm to make these
gloves. In these gloves, pressure sensors access whether the user is holding an object or not.


The inventors claim that with help of these gloves if you lift the object which is of 10 kg you feel
like you have lifted the weight of 5 kg. The system helps to reduce the muscle strain from the
repetitive motion tasks. As these gloves use actuators and synthetic tendons to function.

These Robo gloves are not only for the astronauts but the NASA want it to apply in many fields like
construction, manufacturing, automotive repair.

Robo: More Insights

The second is the Robocop to guard the tallest tower of the world i.e. Burj Khalifa. Dubai
deploys the first Robo cop on duty at Burj Khalifa and their aim is to make them up a quarter of
force by 2030.

This robo guard the tallest tower on Wednesday night and it also features a touchscreen on its chest that can be used to report a crime.

Ok, so now get back to the topic as we are discussing the robots so this invention had taken to
discard the burden of humans. As the robo can perform a variety of tasks as per the command or
according to the instruction programmed in robots.

Robo: Its origins

The term ROBOT coined by the Czech playwright Karel Capek in 1921 it is a mechanical
device that can perform a variety of tasks as per the need of the factories. As if we talk about the
space so let me tell you that SPIRIT is one of the groups of the Robots who have explored Mars
from the surface as well as from its orbit.

Robo can perform all the functions that an astronaut perform in the space.

As the robo are performing all the tasks that a man. So, if you are searching for the definition of
the robots then you may read it out. The term robots i.e. It is a machine designed to replace the
human workforce to perform a variety of tasks. As it is the one-time investment for the
company. It saves a lot of time and also the resources of the company.

The list of some robots name are listed below:

1. KeepON 2007
2. PackBot 2001

3. Big Dog 2005
4. Robo Sapien 2005
5. ASIMO and Honda P- Series 2000
6. Aibo 1999-2006
7. Predator Drone 1996
8. LEGO Mindstorms 1998
9. Roomla 2002

So, this is the list of some robots that ease the work of humans in the future the robots take place
of the human workforce in every field so that the cost of the company as the robo is beneficial in
all the sectors or even can perform the task which is dangerous for the humans.

The automobile companies need these robo so as to perform different tasks like to join the parts
of the car or to paint it to assemble the engine and much more.

As robots complete their work efficiently and an effective manner. As compared to the
employees of the company because a robo may perform multiple tasks. But a man can’t if he/she
tried to do so then they are not able to perform any task because of tiredness.

Robots can be controlled through wired, wirelessly or autonomously. the easiest way to control
the robot is a handheld controller that is connected physically to the robo. The sensor of a robot is
based on the on human sensory organs. It basically tells the behavior about the robot or about its


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