Motherboard: Learn all about it here.

Motherboard: – In this article, I have tried to give a deep scenario about the main Main
Board. So before we get to the topic here is the brief description of the Main Board of the

In this, you may have so many slots and the chip that helps to control the inputs and
the outputs of the computer components. As this is the main part of the computer.


The Main Board of the computer is different in designs as this totally depends on the model and
design of the computers. As on the PCBs, there are the number of sockets and slots that connect
the other components of the computers.



The Motherboard is also known by the several names some of them are Main Board, System
Board, Base Board, Plane Board etc. Basically, these are the synonyms of this device. The
Main Board is the main Printed Circuit Board ( PCB ) The Main Board found in microcomputers
and other expendable systems.

This is the main part of a computer system. The main board of the computers manages many crucial components like Central Processing Unit ( CPU ), the memory of the input as well as the output devices. Share on Sharehiss.

Now, the question is Material to Produce that device if you have the curiosity to know
that how a MainBoard of the computer is produced. So here is the short description about this
topic. The System Board is made up of a firm sheet of Non-Conductive materials like rigid

On this sheet the traces that are the layers of aluminum and copper foil printed on the
System Board. In the Main Board, there are the number of sockets and slots that help to connect
the other components of the computers.

This is how the Main Board of the computer is produced. This is not the full information just a little scenario on this topic.


If you want to open up your computer and are curious to see the Main Board at the time you
remove the Main Board of the computer firstly you would get confused about the parts of the
System Board. You would get confused because you don’t know about the parts of the System

Every Main Board design depends on your computer model. So if you just want to know about
How Computer Works if you just need to know this then there is no need to know about the
every part of the Main Board.

But if you want to seek some information about the Motherboard
so here I am describing some typical parts information:



Explanation Of Motherboard

 CPU Socket: – The actual CPU that helps in monitoring of the computers is directly
soldered onto the socket. A lot of heat is generated by those CPUs that provide high speed
to the computer.

 In the motherboard, a power connector is also connected that helps to distribute the power
to the CPU and other components of the computers.

 The slots for the systems main memory in the Main Board of the computer are typically
in the form of DRAM chips.

 Chips that are on the Main Board of the computer forms an interface between the CPU,
the main memory, and other components. This chip on some of the Main Board of the
computers is called Northbridge. As this chip has a large heat sink capacity in it.

Motherboard: About Chips In Motherboard

 The second chip of the Main Board controls the input and the output functions of the
computers. As this chip is not directly connected to the CPU. Instead of CPU this chip is
connected to the Northbridge. This controller is called Southbridge.

The Chipset is a combination of Northbridge and Southbridg.

 There are several connectors which provide the physical interface between input and
output device as well as to the Motherboard. These types of connections are handled by

 In the Main Board of the computers, there are one or more than one slot for the hard drive
to store files. Integrated Drive Electronic ( IDE ) and Serial Advanced Technology
Attachment ( SATA ) these are the two most common type of connections.

 The chip is famously known as Read-Only Memory ( ROM ), which only contains the
firmware or the instruction to start up a computer system. ROM is also known as BIOS.

 On the Main Board of the computer, there is a slot for a video or Graphic Card.

 There are some additional slots to connect hardware in the form of Peripheral
Component Interconnect (PCI ) slots.

So these are the points from which you may know something about the Motherboard.


There are many types of Motherboards. Some of them are listed below:

 AT Motherboards: – These are the oldest of the series in the list of Main Board of the
computers. These type of Motherboards are used in earlier 286/386 or 486 computers.
The AT stands for advanced technology ( AT ) power connector.  On the AT Motherboard, there
are two power connectors of 6 pin each. These types of Motherboards were available in the early

 ATX Motherboards: – These are the Main Boards that are still available as these Main
Board started in 90’s. These are the system board that consists of a single connector.

These type of Main Boards are used in P2, P3 or P4 computer processors.

So the Motherboards are the main part of every microcomputer and for the other expandable
system. As now you all know that what are the functions of the Motherboard and also the type of
motherboard. So it’ now easy for you to understand about the sockets and slots of the Main
Board of the computers.

Different models of the computer may have the different type of Main Board that may work a
little different. Plus, the size of the Motherboard is small. But that small part is managing very big tasks. The actual CPU of the computer is directly connected to the Main Board of the Computer. Also, it provides the power to the other components of the computer.


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