Hosting and what all it entails?

Hosting is a space that is provided to any individual or to the business organization by the hosting company to publish or to operate your website. The webhosting service provider provides the services and the technologies which help a website or a web page to get visible on the internet.

The websites are stored and hosted on the server. Once your website will be on the server published after that it will be visible to all the users who want to visit it. To visit the website the users, must search the website on the search engine. Share your knowledge of hosting on Sharehiss.

All the files of your website are stored in the high-powered computers “that is also known as server” which is connected to a very fast network. If a user types your website address let’s take an example ( so the internet will connect to the server that is holding the files of your website.

After connecting to the server, the webhosting provides the information of your website to the user on their computers. As they get the information then they can surf and view your pages.

Is it important to have a Domain Name??

Yes, it’s very important to have a Domain Name. Whatever name you choose for your website helps the users to find your website on the internet and on any search engine. The domain name is your website address it is just like your office address which helps to find your office in the same sense web address helps to find the website on the internet. So, the Domain name is very important to find a website on the internet.

Types of Hosting


There are different types of web hosting that are listed below with a brief description: –

1. Shared Webhosting: – This type of webhosting is the most common and the easiest way to start the website. In this type, one server is shared among many users. This type of webhosting has advantages and disadvantages.

First, let us talk about the advantages some of the advantages are described below: –

 It is cheaper as you don’t need to pay the whole amount of the webhosting.

 It is very easy to use as the webhosting company helps you to maintain your website.

Disadvantages: –

 If one site is having more traffic and got busy it may affect the other websites. As the server starts getting slow and the user is not able to operate the website.

 Shared webhosting is less flexible as compared to another webhosting.

2. Website Builder: – It is the easiest way to operate a website in this you may customize the website and make the way that you want. As the website builder provides thousands of professional templates that you can easily customize. In this, the web hosting and the domain name is provided free of cost. There are many companies that provide this facility some of the companies are Wix, WordPress etc.

Advantages of this web hosting: –

 By this webhosting, you may get online with the ease.

 You may create a professional website just need to contact a website designer

Disadvantages of this Webhosting: –

 As if you are selling lots of products online “which means that you have created an e-commerce website” so you may find it difficult to if you are selling hundreds of products so it might get tricky.

 Very hard to customize the theme as per your choice if you don’t know HTML5.

If I talk about the way how Google shows your website so it takes three steps to show your
websites or web pages. The steps are listed below with a brief description: –

1. Crawling: – In this step, the Google bots visit the website and read all the content that is on the pages, posts and other. It also checks the links that are given on your website to index the pages.

2. Indexing: – In this step, the Google start collecting, phrase and stores the data in their database.

3. Fetching: – In this step, the Google provides the information on that keyword that user is searching.

If you want to host a domain so all you need to do is to contact the companies which provide you space to operate your website on the server. Some of the companies are: –

How many Hosting Are Available in The Market???

 Bluehost
 Hostgator
 Go Daddy

There are so many companies that provide the service for web hosting but it’s better to have a premium domain as compared to free domains. Some of the websites like Wix and the WordPress provide the free domain and offers you to operate the free website on their web hosting.

Why some of the sites provide free Web hosting??


Some of the websites provide hosting free of cost because they have owned Deluxe webhosting. In this type of webhosting, you may attach unlimited domains and can operate with the ease. So, if you need a space on the server to post your website and the web page you need to purchase a web hosting or domain name.

If you don’t know how to setup a domain, the companies like Go Daddy helps you to set up your domain.

Let’s take an example if a user wants to show his/her website on the internet. So ‘’what are they supposed to do??’’. The user needs a webhosting “ space where the website can be seen or can operate that is on a particular server”. As the user can buy a webhosting from any company that provides the Webhosting.

Features of Web hosting: –

1. Disk Space: – All the web hosting companies issue some space so that the website owner can save their web files. It means that you have an estimated space where you are able to store all your files. If you need more space, you may upgrade your web hosting to deluxe. In this you may store unlimited files or can attach lots of domains.

2. E-Mail Accounts: – In this, you may create a lot of e-mail accounts. If you are hosting a domain so this is the common feature of the web hosting.

3. FTP Access: – When you have created your web pages on your computer after that you need to transfer those pages to the server. The files that you transfer on your web server is done with the use of FTP.

How do Web hosting Works??

The host gets the petition for a web page delivered from the browser.

– The browser links to the host via an IP Adress; the intellectual property address obtained by copying the domain name.

– Ultimately, the host sends back the requested web page.


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