Elevator: What are the different types of elevators?

Elevator: – As from the title you may know that this article is based on the information of lift car that has eased the life of the humans. So, the technology gets improved day by day. And also it gave a great impact on human life.

So, let us know about the founder of the Elevator i.e. Elisha Graves Otis. He was an American Industrialist as well as the founder of the Otis Elevator Company. As he was also the inventor of the safety device that prevents the lift car from falling if there is a fault in hoisting cable. The Lift was invented on1853 at the Cooper Union Foundation Building in New York. 

                              Elevator: – Introduction

As in some of the countries, the Elevator is also known as Lift. It is a type of vertical transportation that helps the people or goods to moves between floors of a building, vessels or other structure. Most of the lift just do the work like a pulley. Ok, so let me tell you the parts from which the lift is made up of that is listed below:




Machine/drive system

Control system

Safety system

These are the parts from which the Elevator is made up of. A strong metal rope that is connected to the top of the elevator car. Which goes up through the sheave in the engine room. The pulley wheel holds the rope tightly and because of this, the lift car moves vertically.

One side is the rope that is attached to the wheel and the other side is the weight that is as heavy as the lift car when it is half or full to its capacity. There is 4 main type of elevators are listed below:

                                    Types Of Elevator


Hydraulic Lift
Traction Lift
Climbing Lift
Pneumatic Lift

As there are many manufacturers of the lift car that are listed below:

                                List Of Elevator Manufacturer

Anton Freissler
Sicher Elevators
Stannah Lifts
Hyundai Elevators
Marshall Elevators
Mitsubishi Electric
Otis Elevator Company
Schindler Group
Behran lift
Emak Elevators, Turkey
Sanyo Elevators and Escalator Co. Ltd
Modular Elevators ManufacturingTechno Link Services

Techno Link Services
Cibes Lift
Doppler S.A.
Biofial S.A.

Elevator: More insights


As these are the current manufacturers of the lift car. So, now in the every building or in offices the use of the lift car has been increased. As the lift car saves the time as well as energy. Some of the lifts are operated manually. But some are not.

Lifts are all about the energy as the lift car needs the electricity to operate or we can say to move to their particular direction. As per the Scientists, the lift is a simple device that helps to increase or decrease the potential energy of an individual person.

As if the lift car is moving in the upward direction with the passengers then it passes the potential energy to the passengers. But on the other hand, if the lift is moving downwards with the passengers then it will take the potential energy of the passengers.

Types Of Elevator Described:

1. Hydraulic Elevators: – These are the type of lift car that is powered by a piston which travels inside a cylinder. The piston moves in the cylinder with the help of electric motor that pumps the hydraulic oil that helps the piston to move inside a cylinder. The piston helps to lift up the elevators smoothly as it helps to build up a building.

2. Traction Elevators: – So these lifts are the most common type of elevators with the help of the steel rope and a pulley machine these type of lifts are able to move in the vertical direction.

3. Climbing Elevators: – Climbing elevators are used to make easy access to the parts of the construction sites that are so high for example it helps to maintain the street lights, flight safety lamps for maintenance etc.

4. Passenger Elevators: – These types of elevators are designed to help people to move from one floor to another as it moves in the vertical direction.In these type of elevators, the passengers can use the buttons to give a command to the elevator.

5. Private Elevators: – These are the elevators that are located inside the home and the members of that particular house can access that elevator. As it is only for the private use. So these are the types of lift car that are explained above.

The different types of the lift car that are mentioned above are for different purposes. Nowadays people started using the lift car in their houses. These lifts are called Private Lifts as mentioned above in the points.

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