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DRONE: – So as Vas we find this innovation quite interesting as most of the people
want to purchase this.

So let me tell you something interesting about the quadcopter which is also known as Flying robot. It comes in many sizes i.e.large, medium or small.

This device contains two parts that are the drone itself and the second one is the controller. Basically, the large
size quadcopter is for the Military purpose. So now let me tell you that the quadcopter is made up
of the light composite materials to reduce the weight or to increase the maneuverability as this
helps the drone to get on to the highest altitude.

As it is also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV).  This flying robot may do multiple tasks such as it can provide the landmark footage, also helps in filmmaking or to video shoot any sports match for the better view.

Drone: Let me provide you the list of the drones of the different countries which are mentioned below: –



Amel (UAV)
AL fajer L-10.


AeroDreams Chi-7
AeroDreams Strix Reconnaissance
FMA IA X 59 Dronner (FAdeA)

AeroVision Arcangel
Lipán M3 "Apache"
Lipán XM4
Mantis (UAV)
ARA Guardian (UAV)


Krunk UAV
X-55 (UAV)


AAI Corporation Aerosonde
ADRO Pelican Observer

AAI Corporation Aerosonde
AAI Corporation Aerosonde

Aerosonde Aeroguard

AAI Corporation Aerosonde
AAI Corporation Aerosonde

AVT Hammerhead Advanced VTOL Aerospace
BAE Brumby
BAE Kingfisher

Cyber Technology CyberQuad
Cyber Technology CyberEye

Cyber Technology CyBird
Cyber Technology CyberWraith




MBLE Épervier
B-Hunter UAV
Gatewing X-100 UAV
Flying-Cam 3.0
AltiGator ALG-EOS

OnyxStar FOX-C8
OnyxStar FOX-C8 HD
AltiGator ALG-1000

OnyxStar FOX-C8 XT
AltiGator ALG-750

OnyxStar HYDRA-12
OnyxStar XENA


RUM-2MB target
M-200 target
UtRUM target
P-200 target


Aeryon Scout
Aeryon SkyRange
Canadair CL-89

CL-227 Sentinel
CL-327 Guardian
Draganflyer E4

Draganflyer X4
CU-162 Vindicator

Draganflyer X6
Draganflyer X8

Draganfly Tango
PrecisionHawk Lancaster
Prioria Robotics Maveric

MMIST CQ-10 Snowgoose



UAV Stardust II
Sirol 221
Stardust II
Lascar UAV


Navigator X2
Iris UAV
Araknos V2
Buteos LTE


Luna X 2000 UAV
Aibotix Aibot X6
AiDrones AiD-H14
EMT Aladin

AiDrones AiD-H25
AiDrones AiD-H40

Argus As 292

AscTec Falcon 8
AscTec Firefly
Argus Fernfeuer

AscTec Hummingbird
AscTec Pelican
birdpilot X-4 Multicopter
birdpilot X-8 Multicopter
EADS Barracuda
EMT Fancopter
EMT X-13

Fieseler Fi 157
Globe UAV7 LTE Hexacopter
Globe UAV8 LTE Octocopter
EMT Luna
MikroKopter and variants QuadroKopter, HexaKopter and OktoKopter
Rheinmetall KZO
Rheinmetall Carola P70
EuroHawk, reconnaissance

Rheinmetall Carola T140
Rheinmetall Taifun

V-1 flying bomb


HAI Pegasus
HAI Pegasus II
EADS 3 Sigma Nearchos
EADS 3 Sigma Iris
BSK Defense Phaethon J tactical
EADS 3 Sigma Perseas
BSK Defense Erevos MALE
EADS 3 Sigma Alkyon

BSK Defense Kyon mini reconnaissance UAV
BSK Defense Ideon mini reconnaissance UAV
HCUAV Surveillance UAV

United States

AAI Pioneer UAV flying over Iraq
AAI RQ-2 Pioneer
AIRS Seeker Wing

AAI RQ-7 Shadow

Aereon WASP
Aerojet General MQM-58 Overseer

Advanced Tactics Black Night Transformer

Aero Telemetry H-1 Racer
Aero Telemetry XF-11
Aerojet XAE-3

Aero Telemetry H-4 Hercules
AeroVironment FQM-151 Pointer
Aerojet SD-2

AeroVironment RQ-11 Raven
AeroVironment RQ-14 Dragon Eye
Aerojet AN/USD-2

American Dynamics AD-150

AeroVironment RQ-20 Puma
AeroVironment Nano Hummingbird


AeroVironment Wasp III
Alliant RQ-6 Outrider

AeroVironment SkyTote
AeroVironment Switchblade

Arcturus T-20

ATAIR Insect

AUM-N- 2 Petrel
Aurora Goldeneye
BAE Systems Silver Fox

Aurora Flight Sciences Orion
BAE Systems SkyEye
BAE Systems Skylynx II

Beechcraft AQM-37A

BAI BQM-147 Dragon reconnaissance

Beechcraft Model 1019 Designated AQM-37A by the United States Military
Beechcraft Model 1025 Cardinal


DRDO Abhyas
Gagan UAV

DRDO Fluffy
DRDO Imperial Eagle

DRDO Kapothaka
NAL / ADE Pushpak

DRDO Lakshya

DRDO Netra
DRDO Nishant
NAL / ADE Black Kite

DRDO Rustom
NAL Slybird
NAL / ADE Golden Hawk
Samhams Technologies
Pawan UAV


(So, here is the list of some of the countries that are having drone technology with them as they
also, find the drone as a useful device.)

Drone: More insights

For the (UAV) wifi connection is limited as the networks may be extended to a limit that’s why
for the quadcopter, everyone uses Bebop and now the Parrot introducing the sky controller that
will extend the limit of Bebop’s range of at least 2 km. There is something that you will find

There is something that you will find interesting in drones that they can be accessed through the smartphones, laptops or with the tablets so that with every drone we do not need a controller as with the help of feature in
quadcopter you can connect our smartphones or whatever device you want to connect and can control the quadcopter.

For the ARMY it is very helpful device as they can get the video of the predators as the flying
the robot can reach the altitude of 50,000 feet which is quite helpful to get the footage of the
predators as it does not create any sound so that it may secretly record all the happenings and
while the video is recording every action can be seen clearly as it is connected to the devices in
the Army headquarter.

The army quadcopter can be controlled by the remote controller.

The drones help the army by having mini bombs in it so that it may get the help of it at the time of
emergency, as we all know now that the main aim t0 invent the drone, is to get the video capturing
from the high altitude because of this the camera quality of the camera is also of high pixel and it
also, have the night vision feature so that in the night all the actions can be seen clearly.

As we all know that the GPS technology now is compatible with every device so the developers
of the drone had also include this feature in the quadcopter so as to know the location of the
flying robot. Now let us talk a little about how to make the drone the steps are given below: –

The first step is to arrange the flight controller and the receiver. Then before attaching them to the
airframe, you have to arrange the necessary modules to create this device. then the last step is to
add the necessary features and extensions.

Features like GPS technology, wireless connection or you may get access to this device by not adding any feature in it just you have to add a camera option so that you may get entertained by flying this device.

Let us get back to the drone capability so as it may reach those places where a mans’ reach is very
difficult or risky. The drone named unmanned aerial vehicle as in this a man can’t travel but can
control this device from the drone you may take the still photography as well as video recording.

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